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Destination Survey

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Dates: 21st - 25th February, 2021

Survey locations in Malleswaram: 13th Cross Flower market, Sampige road, 14th Cross eateries, Veena Stores, Sri Venugopalaswamy Temple, 18th cross bus stop, Sankey tank, Mantri Mall, Malleswaram Playground, 8th cross & Margosa road Junction, CTR, Central Bus Stand, Sai Baba Temple

Number of citizens surveyed: 71


Destination surveys were conducted to understand mobility patterns of residents and non-residents within Malleswaram, arriving from various origin points and moving towards key destinations.14 destinations were identified under 6 main categories, namely recreation, work, market, temple, eateries and transit nodes.

These surveys were conducted on-ground by the YLAC Mobility Champions where the primary goal was to understand mobility patterns, motivations and perceptions of people who currently come to these destinations. The survey data was collected from two types of users; Existing users (Respondents who walk to make end to end and first and last mile trips) and potential users (Respondents who currently commute through other modes besides walking are potential users). The data gave us qualitative insights into rationales and logic for choosing modes of commute at specific destinations which helped build a case for improvements and understand the latent demand for walking.

It also gave us an understanding of most frequented routes which were analysed through an origin / destination map (this was also a key input into the identification of pilot routes).

The detailed report can be accessed here.

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