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conservancy lanes

What are Malleswaram's Conservancy Lanes?

Conservancy lanes are found in the old, planned localities of Bengaluru such as Malleswaram, Basavanagudi and Jayanagar. They are typically 8-10 feet wide and run parallel to the main roads in Residential Areas. Planned over a century ago, these were primarily used for manual scavenging. Once that practice was stopped, these lanes were repurposed as shopping streets or as parking, or even as illegal storage spaces for small vendors. Currently these are under neglect and with several encroachments and dumping spots along the route. 

Read more about Malleswaram’s Conservancies in an article written by Suchitra Deep, an architect and resident of Malleswaram.

Key aspects that make Conservancy lanes conducive for walking:

  1. The width of the lane is 8-10 feet wide and runs behind the houses as alternative pedestrian pathways. 

  2. They do not require major changes or funding and yet provides a perfect walking network for recreation play and community activities.

  3. They connect various types of destinations like schools, temples, recreational spaces, restaurants, commercial establishments, grocery stores etc.

  4. The neighbourhood has active citizen groups which have been pivotal in brainstorming the idea for converting conservancy lanes into pedestrian friendly public spaces and will be further active for its implementation.

  5. It will complement the larger network of footpath development (Tender Sure, White Topping, etc.) that is currently being undertaken on major roads in the neighbourhood.

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