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Design Workshop

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Dates: 6th March - 21st March, 2021 (over 3 weekends)

Location: Malleswaram

Pilot Route Details:

Route #1 (Recreational Route) - Includes 19th Cross Conservancy Lanes, 6th Main and the two conservancy lanes on either side of 6th Main (between 9th - 6th Cross)

Route #2 (Market, Temple & School Route) - Includes the Conservancy lane parallel and in between Margosa and West Park Road, extending from 18th to 6th Cross (excluding 11th to 12th Cross)

Number of participants: 20


Planned as a 4-weekend workshop, it brought together residents of Malleswaram and local architects and designers who conceptualised design interventions for the selected two routes. The workshop kick started with a route walk, where participants were introduced to the context by members of Malleswaram Social which helped in understanding the context. This was followed by a curated methodology to arrive at the design strategies and solutions.

Participant details:

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