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On-Ground Implementation Updates

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The transformation has begun!

Malleswaram now has the longest continuous walkable street connecting 9th Cross to MKK Road.

Come start exploring Walkable Malleswaram's first stretch!

On our follow up on-site visit with representatives from MLA's office, BBMP Engineers, SWM Health Inspector and Traffic Police; we walked through the 4 short Conservancy lanes between 9th and 5th/6th Cross and the Conservancy Lane parallel to Margosa Road from 18th Cross to 7th Cross.

As the paving of these lanes has begun, other add on infrastructure changes like demarcated parking zones, no vehicle zone, bollards, street lights and level alignment at entrances of each of these lanes were discussed for immediate incorporation by BBMP.

We look forward to the continued support from the MLA Office, BBMP officials and Traffic Police implementation of this project!

Short CL - 4 from 8th cross to 7th cross connecting to MKK road

Short CL - 4 from 7th cross to 6th cross connecting to MKK road

Short CL- 3 from 9th cross to 8th cross

Short CL - 1 from 8th cross to 7th cross

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