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Focus Group Discussion

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Dates: March, 2021

Survey Location: Malleswaram (ward 35,45,65)

Number of citizens surveyed: 38 (6 Women, 8 children, 6 senior citizens, 1 person with disability, 9 people from lower socioeconomic strata, 7 people who came to neighbourhood to work)


Focus group discussions were conducted to get deeper insights and encourage participatory and inclusive approach in planning by ensuring that the voices of the underprivileged, marginalized, and the neglected segments of the society are given a platform to deliberate on the challenges and issues relating to mobility in their neighbourhood.

The FGDs were conducted by DULT team along with community members from Malleswaram Social (MS) and Malleswaram Swabhimanaa Initiative (MSI). Six target groups- women; senior citizens; people with disability (PWDs); school going children and their parents; differently abled citizens; people belonged to lower socioeconomic strata who stay within the chosen area; and people who come for work to were chosen to conduct a more focused discussion on the factors that affect their travel behaviour. The insights were useful in coming up with proposals for the neighbourhood.

You can find a detailed report here:

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