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Pilot Route Selection

To arrive at the pilot routes, a feasibility framework was developed which included 3 main factors:

  1. Inhibitors to walking - Data from the walking audit was analysed to identify the key issues that make walking difficult. The walking network was then scored based on the ease of resolution of these issues. The streets that score the lowest were found to be most conducive to take up in the pilot stage.

  2. Facilitators to walking - Data from the walking audit like good footpath quality and certain other aspects like green cover analysis, low-traffic roads, etc. were analysed to arrive at what will help make walking a more comfortable experience. The network was scored based on what facilitators were present. The streets that scored the highest were found to be most conducive to take up in the pilot stage.

  3. User demand assessment - Data from the destination survey was translated into identifying the most used routes that connect popular origins-and-destinations points.

This framework was applied to the entire network of footpaths and conservancy lanes, which resulted in arrival of two key routes - one that was predominantly used by residents and the other that had a combination of residents and non-residents. Details of the selected routes are listed below:

Route #1: Recreational Route

This route aims to leverage 6th Main, which is already used by residents as a walking street in the mornings and evenings, and connect it to the conservancies at the top and bottom. These conservancies have a potential to become spaces for exercise and socialising for walkers.

Route #2: Market, Temple & School Route

This route aims to leverage the conservancy lane parallel to Margosa Road to become a walking only route that connects to the flower market, 8th cross, transit nodes, temples and schools in the area. The interventions will work towards activating the space from 18th cross all the way to 6th cross, towards creating interesting paths that are pleasurable and safe for pedestrians of all age groups.

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